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TRENGTOR CUSTOM: development and production an electronic digital devices

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Now added a sleep mode timer for long iron inactivity

Soldering station controller tSol W24: for Weller 24V soldering irons

Ready devices and solutions

Soldering station controller for Weller 24V soldering irons

Controller for Weller 24V soldering irons, such as WSP80 & WP80

mikroPascal AVR PRO: alternate library for HD44780 & OLED displays

mikroPascal AVR alternate library for symbol displays: HD44780 compatible & Winstar OLED

Development & production digital electronic devices

Please contact me if you are interested in development and manufacturing needed for your digital electronic device.

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Ready-made devices:

Soldering station controller

DIY kits:

PCB for sol.station controller


Electronics development


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